Ep 39 – Beards and Babies

Episode 39 · January 15th, 2017 · 1 hr 10 mins

About this Episode


We’re back! And nothing will ever be the same. The guys have some major life changes to discuss, like the Rascal scooters, dignity and giving up on life. In Jeffrey Jay news, he grew a “beard”! and the guys imagine what it would be like if Jeff WAS a “beard.” As for Beau Bowker, well, he got engaged and found out he & his fiance are having twins (not necessarily in that order)! After that bombshell, the guys talk about a disturbing birth announcement through a Halloween pumpkin carving contest, what to name Beau’s babies (#nameBeausbabies), and how to reveal his babies’ genitals at the gender reveal party. This podcast will probably change your life. It changed Jeffrey and Beau’s lives. Well, their lives changed and then they did this podcast. Same diff.

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